10 Great Aalaskan Cruise Shore Excursions

Alaskan cruise shore excursions have so much to offer you onboard.  However, here are a variety of shore excursions that will surely make your cruise extraordinary!

  1. Glaciers – Take a close look at glaciers and have this breathtaking and beautiful experience.  Appreciate them more by knowing about the diverse plant and animal life found in and around them.
  2. Flightseeing  – Flightseeing is sightseeing by plane.  Grab a chance to do some flightseeing to glaciers or simply to lands that you’ve been cruising around.
  3. Fishing – Alaska’s coast is known for fishing – and its seafood.  At just about every stop, you will have the chance to do a shore excursion that includes fishing.
  4. Mining Tours – Many ports’ shore excursions include a chance to tour a mine or learn about its history.  Mining memorabilia are also available for sale.  Some towns even have fairs to celebrate their mining history.
  5. Museums – Learn more about Alaska through its cities that seem to seep with history.  Try to visit historical museums and be on a guided tour. Read more

Money Saving Tips On Carnival Shore Excursions

A cruise vacation can be one of your most fun and exciting vacations. Millions of people have boarded cruise ships in search of fun, relaxation and adventure.  But have you heard about Carnival cruise shore excursion?  Here are some money-saving and planning tips in making your Carnival cruise shore excursion or any excursion one to remember.

Before you book, decide whether you would like to use Carnivals cruise Shore Excursion since in many cases, this is not budget-friendly.

In cruise excursions, the cruise industry acts as the middle man and negotiates tours with local agents.  As a result, you pay for both the middle man and the local agent. Read more

Enjoy a Cruise Shore Excursion for your coming vacation

A lot of people think that going on a cruise is a bore.  Here are two reasons that could really make you want to try a cruise shore excursion.

First, the luxury cruise ships are not boats you can be cooped up in. They are small cities with so many activities available that you won’t have time to experience all of them unless you take the longer cruises.

Second, ships dock in ports all along the cruise.  This provides access to the on-shore activities which could either be self-made or arranged by the cruise.

There are a number of cruise shore excursions that would make you want to stay longer.  An advantage of going on a cruise is that everything will be arranged and properly timed for you; you just have to pay for it, relax and have fun! Read more

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